Monday, September 8, 2008

Building the Team

[Guild] [Amarok]: yo zadie
[Guild] [Zadie]: wtf
[Guild] [Zadie]: they invited you?
[Guild] [Amarok]: hahaha
[OOC] [Marnigan]: Sanctum group lf 3 more
[Guild] [Amarok]: you have some spare time?
[Guild] [Zadie]: ?
[Guild] [Amarok]: im shooting the guild intro video
[Guild] [Amarok]: come do some fatalaties on camera
[Guild] [Zadie]: im almost out of tort
[Guild] [Zadie]: this an alt
[Guild] [Amarok]: who's your main?
[Guild] [Zadie]: you dont wanna know
Shield of the Risen no longer protects you
[Guild] [Amarok]: auldrek?
[Guild] [Zadie]: newp
[Guild] [Amarok]: then i dont care
[Guild] [Amarok]: haha
[Guild] [Amarok]: who?
[Guild] [Zadie]: i kept killin ya for acting like a 2 faced lil bitch
[Guild] [Amarok]: scaggs?
[Guild] [Zadie]: aye
[Guild] [Amarok]: hahahahahaha
[Guild] [Amarok]: hey!